Thursday, April 20, 2006

Vol 1 - Settling In - (16/12/2005)

Hi from Edenhope

OK so Ive been on the farm almost a week now. (see photos attached)

I take back everything I said about my niece, shes a beautiful baby and doesnt smell too much at all.

So much has happened in such a short time. Ive half unpacked my boxes, watched the first 16 episodes of the first series of 24 (which I picked up in China for a song) and Ive been to the supermarket twice. The checkout lady (shes to old to be called a checkout chick) asked me how are you? I could almost hear her brain thinking who are you? In the conversation I managed to drop in that I just come back from London. Each time I go in Im going to drop another hint so that she can work out exactly who I am and what Im doing here.

On the second day the local copper (policeman) showed up in full uniform and cop car to introduce himself. Turns out he just wanted to invite himself (and some of his mates) around on boxing day to poach some yabbies (a type of crayfish that are bigger than a prawn and smaller than a lobster but are really tasty) from my lake. Apparently Ive got heaps so if the internet business doesnt work out I can live off them, and a few of Dads cows.

Theres been a minor catastrophe today (everything with my Dad is a catastrophe its up to the rest of us to give them a rating). The dorpers (a brand of sheep) and the alpacas (funny looking camel type things) are in the bettergraze (type of crop thats fast growing which was set aside for the cows). I only have mums car (a Mazda metro 121) to drive, because Adam (the father of my niece) the useless c*nt who f*cks up everything he touches and cant fix anything (according to my Dad) has broken the motorbike. Adam (as mentioned previously) has also borrowed the ute (small pick up truck).

Im sure it will all work out fine.

The TV has been crap (thank God for the 4 series of 24 boxset) but today Ive got the cricket to keep me company as well.

On Monday Im driving to my parents old farm in Werrimull so I can go see the accountant and set up my internet business. For legal reasons its likely Ill be setting up a company. I think Ill call it chickenhouse inc.

Please keep in touch and youre all welcome to visit.



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