Thursday, April 20, 2006

Vol 3 - The Wedding (16/01/2006)

Hi all,

Well Chickenhouse Incorporated didn't get up. Apparently (unbeknown to my accountant) Incorporated is some sort of technical term for a business so I can't use it in the name. I could have used Chickenhouse Corporation but that just sounds stupid. There was already a Chicken House in South Australia somewhere which is too close to Chickenhouse. So I had to settle on Poulet Maison Pty Ltd. For those of you still working at the bureau of stats in Canberra, please select me for your business surveys. I believe my ANZSIC (Australia and New Zealand Standard Industry Classification) code is "7869 - Business Services Not Elsewhere Classified". It's nice to keep in touch.

There's something I've been dying to mention about the farm here in Edenhope but I can't find an amusing anecdote to attach to it. This week I decided to put it in anyway. There are no water rates. The place is completely water self sufficient. The livestock uses water from the lake and from an underground bore. The house uses only rainwater collected from the guttering. Shower, sink, washing machine everything is run on rain water. If the temperature ever drops below 42 degrees C and it actually rains it would be even better.

Now the big news. Last weekend I went to my second cousins wedding. My family is a little complicated, but basically because my Dad is the youngest of his family so I have cousins who are nearly 50 and second cousins who are in their 20s. This particular second cousin (Tania) who decided to get married is 24. I remember having a 20c bet with her Dad that she would be a boy. I don't think I ever paid up and the guilt of not paying has stayed with me all these years, but that's another story.

All the extended family was at the wedding and it can be quite a show. I have 7 cousins in that one family, 2 men and 5 women all of whom I would estimate are over 400 pounds in weight. But that's another story.

Anyway one person who came to the wedding was Nikki a friend of the family and Tania's longtime friend, but someone who I'd never met. Diane (my cousin and Tania's mum) made sure Nikki and I sat next to each other at the reception. After all we have a lot in common (she's been overseas too). She worked on one of those kids camps in the US that so many Aussies are doing these days. At one point in the evening I had Diane come up to me and say, "what are you doing she's interested get in there and make some moves", I said I think Shane, (her only son) might be interested too. She told me to forget about him he's got no chance.

At the end of the night Diane informed us that she had a spare tent at her place with a double mattress. It appears she had been so optimistic she had set it up specially for us. It would have been impolite to turn her down.

Needless to say I got some funny looks at the next days family BBQ. It's not often you pick up a 24 year old 5ft friend of the family in front of her parents, my parents and 7 large cousins. At least they all no longer think that I'm gay.

Hope everyone is well,


ps. No I don't have any photos of her.


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