Thursday, April 20, 2006

Vol 4 - The 30th and Fires (28/01/2006)

Hi all,

Well I don't know if you've heard but two major catastophes occured during Jan 06. The first is that poor little Lisa Short turned 30 and we had to celebrate, see photo 1. Secondly almost the entire state of Victoria burnt down, See photos 3-4. Photo 2 is of James Greaney, yes I know he looks like Buzz Lightyear.

Dad has been here in Edenhope for what seems like a month but in actual fact is 8 days 3 hours and 34 minutes. He's here to finish the harvest.

A few days ago he called his mate to see what was up and he said his farm was on fire. So we chucked a dozen beers in the car and headed off down the road to check it out. Turned out it was just his neighbour and about 100 sheep that was on fire. Lucky because if it was worse we would have run out of beer.

I then went to Lisa's 30th in Melbourne and on the way back noticed that the entire Grampians (a large nature reserve about 100km from Edenhope) were on fire. See photo 3 for the impressive smoke. Not to gloss over Lisa's 30th which was a lot of fun but if she knows you she can talk about that herself.

We got home and noticed that another fire was not far from our joint, turns out it was only 6km away. But we've got people to look after these things. They're called volunteer fire fighters, otherwise known as frustrated fire bugs. The next day was even more grim with smoke everywhere. It even covered the sun making it look the sun in Hong Kong, New York, London or some other smog invested sh!thole.

Then it was Australia day. So I took a day off from my arduous website redesign work to celebrate with my Dad. We bonded over a few VBs, a Boony doll and some hard hitting strokes from Baghdatis (the Greek Cypriot wonderboy cleaning up at the Aussie open).

Tonight being Friday I suggested to Dad that we head into the local pub. I hadn't been yet and I figured I needed some company to try and bond with the locals. First song that went on the jukebox, Summer of 69 Bryan Adams. That's right rather than wait for the last song at a nightclub someone actually paid some of their hard earned wages to hear it. Be that as it may we decided to stay a bit longer.

We were not there more than an hour when a young fella called Paul decided to take us under his wing. He told me to watch out for that big fat c*nt (BFC) standing at the bar. Apparently the BFC was "eyeballing" me. But it's OK, Steve said, because he eyeballed him back for me. Apparently I can't eyeball anyone yet, you need to live here for 3 years before you can eyeball someone, otherwise you'll get gang bashed. Paul then introduced me to Steve. I said "Hi Steve". Paul took me aside and said you wanna watch Steve he's a bit of a Schizo (short for Schizophrenic). But you want him on your side. If someone has a go at you just tell them you know Steve and they'll leave you alone. Steve is Paul's Stepdad.

I didn't immediately realise the situation I had gotten myself into. I then realised it was the same scenario Bal (my old house mate and terminal contract worker who had been employed by many many companies) had warned me about. The first person that comes up to you seems like the ticket into the click. You think great they can introduce me to all the others in the area. But it's like a mirage. They have already been osctracised and you too are now destined to be on the outer ranks of the local hip group. But I don't know I picture me, Paul and Schizo Steve will have many great nights at the Edenhope pub in the not too distant future. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

Cheers now,


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