Thursday, April 20, 2006

Vol 5 - Shear those Alpacas (17/02/2006)

Hi all,

I've decided to get fit. I'm running around my lake. I'm running a better time each day. Not because I'm getting fitter or faster. It's just that the lake's drying up in the summer sun.

Although I'm not officially working on the farm I have been called in to help out on a few tasks. One such task has been to hold down an alpaca while it's being sheared. Yes they do spit at you. See photos for more info.

I've also met up with Nikki in Melbourne (the friend of my 2nd cousin). We played mini golf and saw the fairy penguins of Philip Island. But I'm still not sure if we're dating. I've attached a photo of her.

Now in a slight break from the traditional feel good pieces I include in the Edenhope Chronicles here's some hard hitting journalism.

Edenhope is overrun with gangs. There a 4 main gangs in the Edenhope township, the tennis club, the footy club, the cricket club and the lawn bowls club. It's difficult to tell the different gangs because unlike in LA they don't wear different colours. White being the choice of all Edenhope gangs. The best way to distinguish a gang members creed is by the weapons they carry.

I'd managed to steer clear of the whole gang scene until last Wednesday night when I went to the lawn bowls club initiation ceremony (they call "non-bowlers night"). Apparently I passed with flying colours since I've been told I have "a good action".

I was told there'd be a BBQ and I wasn't disappointed. Sausages soaked in fat with white bread. At a $1 a snag what more do you need.

They lent me some bowls and teamed me up with Frank and Doug. We took on Mavis, Mildred and Bill. It was ironic since Frank is my bitter rival. He's the editor of the other local newpaper the West Wimmera Advocate. I didn't tell him I was the editor of the Edenhope Chronicles. I didn't want him stealing ideas.

Even though he was on the opposing team Bill was very friendly and asked if I'd like to have dinner at the pub. At first I thought he was coming on to me. But when he mentioned he was a member of the local baptist church it all clicked.

However later on in the night when he saw my "good action" he touched me on the ass. Maybe I should have gone to the pub after all.

Bye for now,


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