Thursday, April 20, 2006

Vol 6 - Commonwealth Games Edition (15/03/2006)

Hi all,

Welcome to the very special Commonwealth Games edition of the Edenhope Chronicles. I call it the Commonwealth Games edition since I feel you've probably been waiting with similar excitment and anticipation of the two events.

A rumour was going around Edenhope that a strange lumpy inanimate object was coming all the way from Buckingham Palace to the main street. At first we thought Prince Charles coming to town. But we were all very excited to discover that it was actually the Queens baton.

Here's a photo that really catches the moment. If you look carefully you can see Edenhope's magnificent Lake Wallace in the background.
But the Commonwealth Games fun doesn't stop there! A few Sunday's back we had the Commonwealth Games sponsored lawn bowls event. Franco and I managed to put the bitter rivalry between our papers aside for him to include a photo of me in the West Wimmera Advocate. I promised to include a photo of him in the Edenhope Chronicles so you can look forward to that in the coming weeks. I was also awarded a medal for none other than "particpation". It's been a long time coming I haven't got one of those since primary school.

Other major events in that last month have been the day lots of mozzies landed on my front door and the day the pelicans landed.

But even better than that was the Edenhope Cup. Lisa Short came up just for the event. The local cop organised a marquee just for us and 34 other of his closest friends. It was an all you can drink affair so the camera was left behind. A highlight has the Wear the Fox Hat competition. It all stems from a very clever local word play. "Edenhope... wear the fox hat" when you say it in an aussie accent sounds a lot like "Edenhope?!? Where the f*cks that?" The competition involves people killing foxes the night before and wearing the skins, heads and or tails of the dead foxes on their heads. This is a council sanctioned event with the mayor (who according to Lisa shouldn't be wearing those stockings) handing out the prizes.

When we'd had our fill of booze, local customs and local dialogue we turned to the local copper who asked the guy on duty to give us a ride home. He was only too happy to help us out. We heard "mate" this and "mate" that the whole 10kms home where he dropped us to my front door. What a lovely bloke.

When Lisa first got here on the Friday it was already getting dark. But I wanted to get some nets in to catch some Yabbies. So I rowed her out into the middle of the lake. It was very romantic. Right up until Lisa said "Is there supposed to be all this water coming in?" I had forgotten to put a cork in the bottom of the boat. But rowing extra fast we managed to get the nets out and pick up a nice feed of yabbies in the morning.

On Sunday I took her out to round up some sheep. We also went for a wander around Mount Arapilles. Hopefully Lisa can send around some photos of that.

All in all it's been a fairly good month. I've got lots of work done and I'm up to date with Lost, Battlestar Galactica and Smallville all thanks to

On about the 25th of March I'll be heading to Canberra for about 2 weeks. So any of you still living in Canberra that would like to catch up let me know and give me your contact details. I'm sure a nice brew or two will be had in the Labor Club for old times sake.



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