Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Vol 14 - The Last Edenhope Chronicles Ever

This is the last Edenhope Chronicles ever. This may be a relief for some. But don’t get too excited, it will be replaced with “The Cairns Capers”.

I’ve been back in Edenhope for over a month now. I’m not really sure what I’ve been doing this whole time but I’ll try to explain. As I said in the previous email I have been working on my website
www.travisyates.com.au and I watched most of the world cup. It’s been terribly cold and I’ve been sick 3 times now this month. It hasn’t been all bad news though as I’m back under the dreaded 100kg mark. It’s now raining as well which is good for the farm, it’s animals and crops. But not so good for my car. The birds like to stay indoors more which mean they shit all over it.

I’ve also been preparing for my move to Cairns. I’ve looked at a few flats and emailed a bunch of real estate agents. But they don’t want to know me. But I'm sure once they meet me in person they'll be happy to give me a place to live.

Other preparations include going to Melbourne to get a towbar and attaching it, buying a near new trailer (apparently it only carried a little old ladies purse to church on Sundays), and getting a tarp and ropes. Over the next few days, if there’s a break in the rain, I’ll be looking to put some stuff in it.

There’s an implied pressure from my parents, and society in general, to get a real job and socialise with people. So I also applied for a job at Travelex over the web. It’s a part-time job at the Cairns airport. I imagine I’d stand around and wait for people to come up and get some foreign exchange. I’m not sure why, possibly my lack of numeracy skills, but they didn’t even give me an interview. I guess I’ll have to stick to being a web guy. So far for the first 15 days of this financial year I made an operating profit of $2,000 USD. This is the most I’ve ever made but hopefully it will be consistent earnings. It doesn’t include expenses like electricity, web access, rent and FOXTEL but I still think it’s enough to survive on. I’m involved in a class action lawsuit against google
www.clicksettlement.com so if that comes in I could get another little bonus. Damn that google for making me all this money, lets sue them.

My other little project has been a Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) course. I just submitted the third assignment. It only cost about $250 USD to do the course and it’s all done over the web. I doubt it will qualify me for anything. But it could be handy if I score myself a Japanese girlfriend.

It was my birthday last week and I'm now 33. I've discovered that as you get older birthdays become less and less important. My parents must agree with me. All I got was this Delaware T-shirt. I'm not upset really, they actually gave me a discount off the money I owe them as well. Weird, it's as if they expect me to pay the money back or something.

In the next few days I’ll head up to Werrimull. Then a week or two after that I’m off to Cairns. Here’s to never cutting another load of firewood or wearing jeans ever again.


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