Thursday, May 25, 2006

Vol 12 - Airlie is fairly cold

Well my last night in Port Douglas was the start of the Port Douglas festival. The biggest night in Port Douglas, there was a parade and everything. I hooked up with my cousins and watched the parade from the comfort of an incomplete accountant’s office.

They retired early but I continued on to the only night club still open. I decided that rather than appearing to be a pathetic loser standing by myself at the edge of the dance floor I might as well talk to the guy next to me. Thus reducing our total patheticness. Turns out he was a German Gigilo (although he didn’t like the term gigilo). He said he goes to functions with older rich women and pretends to be their date. He also works in a manual labouring job just to keep his body in shape. But he’s not a gigilo because he doesn’t always sleep with the women. I’m still not sure whether I met a guy with a strange job or a strange guy without a job. After all, his head was more boxy than a Volvo.

It was then back to Cairns to look at a few rental properties and soak up the sun. One night at Gilligans who should I spot but none other than Steven Bradbury. Australia’s greatest sportsman. You know the guy who won a gold medal in speed skating because everyone else fell over. I couldn’t think of anything funny to say, that hadn’t already been said. I just said, “I know you’re just trying to relax and have a beer so I won’t take too much of your time. Can I just get a photo?” So here it is. Goofy looking fella isn’t he.

Wednesday night was my last night in Cairns. I’d been to the sleazy pick up joint, called the Woolshed, just about every night. So why not go on my last night. After all they had a wet T-shirt competition. It was the first one I’d been to and I have to say I was quite impressed. First prize is $150. Just thought you should know..., Maria. :-)

After the competition I met and kissed a Japanese Volleyball player called Yoshimi. I had a bit of a “dig”. There was no need to “spike” her drink, since she wasn’t “blocking” any of my attempts. But just when I was all “set” it was “game over” and she went home. I’m hoping for a rematch.

Well I’m now in Airlie beach. Though the beach is more of a swamp and most people hang around the lagoon. But like Cairns is not all about the beach.


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